Poor correspondence can alienate customers, potential customers or employees. You can enhance your communication profile by using business letter software. Some business letter software can include its own text editor, while others are an add-on to word processors such as Microsoft Word. The real benefit of these programs is to give you a starting point to develop quality business letters that you can then personalize to connect with your customer base.

WriteExpress Business & Sales Letters

WriteExpress has free 30-day trial versions of its two software packages to help write business and sales letters. You can see samples of WriteExpress letters on its homepage (see Resources). Once downloaded, you access example templates or mix and match phrases to create business documents by using your word processor. WriteExpress software includes guides to help the letter-writing process. For businesses, you can use the 3,001 Business & Sales Letters software which includes 2,100 business, sales and personal letters covering 560 topics and an additional 900 sales letters. The software also comes with additional rhyming and phonetic dictionaries. If you need to write fundraising letters, WriteExpress also makes 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters. You get the contents of the 3,001 Business & Sales Letters software plus 100 more fundraising letter and more topic letters to select.

InforDesk All-Business-Letters

You can get a free trial version of All-Business-Letters to test out some of the program’s 4,500 business, sales and marketing letters (see Resources). The trial version does not let you actually use the letters, but you can get an idea of the software from the trial version before purchasing. In All-Business-Letters, you use the software to create the letter rather than use it within a word processing program. You can use the templates to create your own personalized letters, spell-check and then send the letter via email or fax. You can also print your letter or create a PDF document.

eMatrix Business Letter Professional

You can try out eMatrix Business Letter Professional by downloading the trial version (see Resources), but to have full access to all the sample letters, you need to purchase the software. You receive a library of 1,000 business letters to choose from and use the built-in text editor to personalize the samples. You can send the letters via email or print copies to send.


You can download and use StyleWriter for 14 days for free (see Resources). This software contains 500 topics and 2,100 sample letters to help you create business documents such as letters, website copy and employee handbooks. You use StyleWriter with Microsoft Word. After you write your letter, you can have StyleWriter copyedit your document, showing you where the program thinks you should revise your sentences. StyleWriter will analyze your document for readability.