Business letters are the most professional way to communicate with companies, either individually, personally or from your own business to another. The words in the letter are not the only component that will communicate for you; the quality of the paper, use of letterhead and method of delivery will also show your letter’s recipient how important it is for you to get your business message across. Sending business letters should not put too big a dent in your business budget.


The quality of the paper your business letter is printed on says quite a bit about how important the contents of the letter are to you. FedexOffice, Staples and Office Max offer a range of elegant business paper, and they can also print your company's letterhead onto the paper before you add the contents of the letter. Letterhead is recommended for business letters since it adds distinction and branding to your correspondence. Choose a heavy, bright-white paper; steer clear of colored paper. As of June 2011, 24-pound paper with 25 percent cotton starts at around $28 for 500 sheets.


If you are new to business-letter writing, use a business-letter template to assist you in formatting your letter. Numerous templates are available free of charge. Your word processing software likely has templates included in it as well. Choose a format that is simple and authoritative, with proper margins and line-spacing.

Proofreading and Printing

Once you have completed and proofread your second draft of the letter, you can hire a professional proofreader or editor to go over it. It is vital that your letter be free of errors. Proofreading services run in the range of $10 per hour, as of June 2011. Some proofreaders will charge by the word, so shop around to find the best rates for your needs. Having your business letter printed by a professional print service will assure that it is vibrant and properly aligned. There should be no ink smudges on the letter. Printing services range from $.08 to $.45 per page.


Once your letter is polished and printed, you have to choose an appropriate method of delivery. Purchase envelopes that give your letter the necessary level of privacy, and are close to the quality and weight of the paper you used for the letter. USPS mail is often the most convenient and least-expensive option for sending your letter. If you need a confirmation of delivery or rush delivery, you can choose from USPS, UPS, FedEX or DHL. As of June 2011, the cost starts at around $3 and goes up based on how soon you need the letter delivered and if you are sending it domestically or internationally.