How to Create Printable Business Flyers for Free

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Create your own business flyer with the help of a template, available from sources such as Microsoft or Hewlett Packard. Choose from a wide variety of flyer templates to get started. Most readily available templates are compatible with Microsoft Word. Your completed flyer can be printed on your own printer, sent electronically to a print shop or office supply store for printing or submitted online to a professional printing company.

Download a template that best suits your flyer needs. Click on the image of the template you have selected, and click "Download" to begin customizing your flyer. Templates are available for all business needs, including marketing, grand opening announcements, business news, product reviews, special events and sales. The text and graphics can be changed on all templates. Make your selection based on the background designs and layouts you prefer.

Edit the text boxes of the flyer. Double-click inside the text box to edit the text. Write your own dialogue to customize the flyer for your specific needs or announcement. In some templates, you can also change the position of the text boxes by dragging them. Delete any text boxes you won't be using. Insert your business name, phone number and contact information.

Insert your company logo or graphics. You can insert pictures or files in an existing graphics box on the template. Ensure that the margins of the document are set so the entire flyer will print on the paper size you selected. Save your completed flyer to your computer or a jump drive.