You can simply staple the pages of a report together, but if you're looking for a way to present your material in a professional way, try binding it using a cerlox binder. Stationery stores will cerlox-bind your report for you for a cost, but most will allow you to use the binder yourself. Cerlox binders are simple to use; you'll have your report bound in just a few minutes.

Things You Will Need
  • Cerlox binder

  • Cerlox coils

Step 1.

Set the cerlox binder on a flat surface. Insert a test piece of paper into the paper slot near the bottom of the machine and punch it by pulling down on the lever or pushing the button. Remove the paper from the machine. Adjust the margin settings of the binder if the holes are too low or too high on the paper.

Step 2.

Select the first ten sheets of paper in the report. Insert them into the paper slot at the bottom of the binder and punch holes in them in the same way you did in Step 1.

Step 3.

Continue to punch groups of ten pages until you have punched all of the pages in the report.

Step 4.

Assemble your report in order. Double check to make sure you have everything you want to include in the report.

Step 5.

Place the cerlox coil into the machine. You'll usually insert it into combs on the top of the machine. Pull the lever on the binder to open the coil.

Step 6.

Insert the combs of the cerlox coil through the holes in your punched report. Depending on the size of your report, you may have to do this a few pages at a time.

Step 7.

Move the lever handle back to its original position to close the cerlox coil. Remove your report from the binder.