Writing an effective promotional flier can be achieved with limited text. Fliers should be written with short sentences or bullet points to communicate the information. Readers will be put off by too much text, so make it easy for them to skim the information. In addition to text, images can be used on fliers to effectively communicate the information you want to get across. A winning combination of text and images will attract new business.

Step 1.

Write a headline that attracts attention. The headline helps people determine if they want to find out more. Choose something that speaks to your target market, such as "Learn how to erase wrinkles" or "The sport fishing adventure of a lifetime." The headline must be relevant to the product or service you are selling.

Step 2.

Communicate benefits, rather than features. Less energy usage for a washing machine is a feature. Saving money on laundry is a benefit. Write text that communicates how the product or service will benefit a person or business.

Step 3.

Include a call to action to encourage readers to act fast. Give away a free gift for the first 20 responders or offer a special promotion for a limited time.

Step 4.

Ensure contact information is written in your text. Include phone number, email address, website, fax number and any other pertinent contact information.


Use bullet points to communicate benefits for concise and effective text.