Scanning has become widely used in many offices. Many businesses use scanners to reduce the amount of paper files in their offices, replace high-cost fax machines and to improve their ability to share information with co-workers and customers. The Konica Minolta Bizhub is a multifunctional copier that can be configured to be a network printer and high speed scanner. Once the required scan boards are installed, the Bizhub 350 can serve as much more than just an office copy machine.

Step 1.

Install scanning drivers on a networked server. The drivers for the 350 came on the installation discs that were included with the device. If you do not have access to the original installation discs, you can download the drivers from the Konica Minolta website.

Step 2.

Create shared folders on the server to which you will scan files. Depending on the operating system of your server, you may need to assign access rites to either individual users or to groups of users. In order for an employee to access the shared folder, they must have "Read and Write" permissions. "Read" rights will allow them to view files in the folder while "Write" rights allow them to scan files to the folder.

Step 3.

Map the Bizhub 350 scanner to the shared server. Open the "Scanner Settings" menu under the "Settings" menu and enter in the IP address of the server that you created the shared folders. Once the 350 connects to the server, it will discover the shared folders and will create "scanning maps" to each of the shared folders.

Step 4.

Press the "Save" soft-touch button on the touch screen display panel to lock in the scanner settings.

Step 5.

Press the "Scanner" button located on the front panel of the 350 to put the device into scanning mode. Once in scanning mode, you will be able to select what folder you want the scanned images to be sent to as well as what file type you want the files to be saved as. The Bizhub allows for PDF, TIFF and MTIFF file formats for scanned files.