How to Write a Formal Business Letter to Reschedule

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Rescheduling large business events can be a logistical nightmare; even with the most credible reasons to change the date, clients and business contacts will be irritated and inconvenienced. The way you present the information will also have a big impact on the impression the attendees will have; take care to sound apologetic yet upbeat, so the recipients will view the rescheduling as a temporary setback rather than as a misstep or the result of poor planning.

Insert a piece of company letterhead into your printer; this is an official notice about rescheduling an event that you are hosting. Time is of the essence and letterhead will capture the recipient's attention more effectively than plain paper.

Open the word processing program of your choice. Begin a new document by selecting "File" and "New."

Type the date and skip a line. Use the mail merge feature in your word processing program to insert the names and addresses of the attendees.

Begin by stating that you will have to reschedule the event, and refresh their memories about what the event is and when it should have been held originally.

Apologize sincerely and explain the reason for the delay. Do not apologize more than once or recipients might view this as an admission of guilt or mismanagement.

Give details about when the event will occur. If your company is offering compensation for their re-booking fees or another incentive, detail how the attendees can apply for the compensation. Play up the good news; if the rescheduling is a fortunate occurrence, such as rescheduling for a time with better weather, comment on that.

Thank the attendees for their cooperation, and give them the contact information for whom they can call if they have questions or difficulty rescheduling their visit.

Sign the letter "Sincerely," and skip three lines. Type your full name and title. Print the letters and sign each above your typed name.

Mail the letters with the quickest service that you can afford. If you can't afford to send a large number of letters by Priority Mail, call each attendee first and give them the basic information about rescheduling the event. Let them know that an official letter will follow.