Purchasing clothing for a children's boutique is an exciting way to add flair and pizazz to your store, especially when hand-picking and choosing the types of clothing and accessories you will stock in your boutique yourself. Finding the ideal clothing for your children's boutique is possible by getting creative and using a variety of resources.

Step 1.

Create a budget for the type of children's clothing you are looking to stock in your boutique. Determining your shopping budget ahead of time will help when you are looking to purchase children's clothing and need to decide on the number of each piece of clothing you are going to order.

Step 2.

Write down the sizes of children's clothing you are interested in purchasing, as well as any accessories and their costs (such as shoes, hair accessories, and even children's shoes and socks).

Step 3.

Visit local children's stores and small boutiques to inquire about wholesale options and pricing if you are interested in staying local and stocking your own boutique with familiar brands. Contact children's clothing companies you are interested in stocking in your boutique by writing a letter to the business, emailing, speaking with a personal reference, or contacting the company directly.

Step 4.

Place your orders with the companies you chose locally and received responses to begin stocking your boutique. Visit and browse popular wholesale companies online, such as Children's Wholesale and Wholesale Kid. Another children's wholesaler includes Everything but the Princess, which specializes in wholesale children's boutique clothing. These websites offer an array of wholesale children's clothing which you can order directly online in bulk to have shipped to your own location.

Step 5.

Mark up the prices of the wholesale clothing pieces you ordered for your boutique. Many wholesale companies often list the retail pricing of their clothing along with the wholesaler's discount, making it simple to calculate markup percentages. You can also browse various children's shops and stores online to compare prices with those who stock the same or similar items as your own boutique.