Movado watches are expensive luxury watches produced by the Swiss-based Movado watchmaking company. Movado is best known for its minimalist designs and single dot marker at the 12 o’clock position. Purchasing pre-owned, new old stock and even new Movados from wholesalers and some retail outlets, and reselling them at a profit is possible for the novice, but savvy, watch seller. Reselling Movado watches can range from simple postings on Internet auctions to establishing a watch website.

Obtain a business license in the city or county you live in. This helps establish your credibility as a Movado watch seller.

Study all Movado products, including models, designs, movements–the mechanical or electronic device that operate the watch–and wholesale and retail price trends. Movado dealers may not do business if you are perceived as an amateur. They may also require a credit check to do business.

Register with auction websites and bid to make purchases. Many Movados are preowned in varying conditions and they are priced or auctioned accordingly.

Negotiate with independent dealers or wholesalers to purchase new old stock (NOS) Movado watches. NOS is unsold inventory that could be several months or years old.

Contact distributors who may have overstocked Movado watches. Retailers often refuse to sell older models or obtain additional inventory from distributors. Distributors may be forced to sell entire watch lots to wholesalers. As a licensed dealer, you can purchase these watches.

Contact independent and authorized Movado brick and mortar jewelry stores. These smaller outlets are often required to move stock at the end of the fiscal or calendar year to ensure cash flow.

Establish a relationship with a watchmaker who will service preowned and NOS Movados. NOS Movados may have been sitting on a shelf for a long time and need servicing. Legitimate dealers ensure their products are in good working order.

Attend flea markets, brick and mortar auction houses, and watch shows and conventions to purchase vintage, preowned and NOS Movado watches from vendors.

Consider attending watch shows as continuing education of the product by talking to vendors while simultaneously making purchases. Once you have gained enough knowledge, you can rent your own vending booth.

Resell your Movado watches at auction websites, which is the easiest and quickest method of selling watches. It’s not uncommon to see the same watch resold online more than once.

Create your own website by hiring a professional web designer to establish your Movado reselling business. Offer a limited money-back guarantee or refund policy and advertise your watchmaker’s services to establish a relationship and trust with your customers.


There’s a reason why new old stock exists. Sometimes, nobody likes the watch enough to buy it. Carefully consider NOS watches when making a purchase.


Beware of replica Movados. Physical examination of the movements and dials of Movados is critical to ensure you are not sold fakes.