How to Tow a Bulldozer the Size of a Truck

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Towing a bulldozer can be difficult and dangerous even if the machine is small to midsize. You should only tow a bulldozer if you do not have enough room to load the bulldozer onto a transport trailer or need to move it out of the way because it won’t start or a part is broken. The method you take will depend on whether the bulldozer has power. It is important that you use the proper equipment with safety your first priority.

Use the correct size of equipment. You will need a track hoe or other heavy machine that is bigger than the bulldozer you are moving. Use a tow cable that is rated heavy enough to pull the size of the bulldozer. Incorrect equipment can cause damage to one or both machines or injuries to personnel.

Start the bulldozer. Release the brake and put the transmission in neutral.

Lift the blade off of the ground and lift the rippers, if it has them. If the bulldozer won’t start, lift the blade with the track hoe and either chain the blade up or block it off the ground with a railroad tie or other dense block.

Hook the cable to the tow hooks on the track hoe bucket and the front of the bulldozer.

Put the track hoe in reverse and drag the bulldozer. Pull slowly. You should not tow the bulldozer for a long distance because it may cause damage to the drive gears, to the transmission or both.


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