How to Troubleshoot a Hypercom T7Plus

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The Hypercom T7Plus transaction terminal processes credit card purchases through a telephone line. A card-swiping area is featured on the right edge of the terminal and a printer is located in the back to provide receipts. The terminal can be hooked up and operated manually or can be operated in tandem with a computer. Once you’ve set up your unit, you might face some obstacles with thoroughly processing transactions. You’ll want to be able to correct all problems with your T7Plus before relying on it in a sales environment. Conducting your own maintenance will have your terminal operating correctly in a pinch.

Busy Line

Press the small tab down on the telephone line cable end and pull it away to unplug the telephone line from the “Line Port” jack (located on the far right side of the back of the T7Plus) and reset the connection.

Plug the telephone cable into a telephone, and confirm that a dial tone can be heard through the receiver. Plug the telephone phone line back into the “Line Port” jack until it audibly clicks into place.

Inspect the whole cable for frays or lacerations. If the line is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Unplug the telephone line from the wall or alternate service source, wait a few seconds, and plug the cord back into the wall.

Printer Malfunction

Push the “Function” key, followed by the “7” key, the “1” key and “Enter,” using the keypad to confirm that the printer is enabled if it’s not printing.

Push the “Function” key, followed by the “8” key, the “2” key and “Enter” to run a printer test to verify its functionality.

Grasp the paper roll cover tabs on both sides at the same time and squeeze in. Remove the paper roll and verify that it’s a thermal roll. Clear any excess or torn paper from the printer area with your fingers.

Lower the thermal roll into the paper dispenser with the paper feeding from the bottom toward the unit. Pull the flap of paper over the terminal, close the paper cover and tear off the excess.

Error Message

Push the “Function” key, followed by the “9” key, the “8” key and “Enter” to begin correcting a “Please Try Again” message on your display. The terminal didn’t receive a response to its sales completion message.

Enter the password, “028510” when prompted and push “Enter.” Push “9” and “Enter.” Push “6” and “Enter.”

Push “Cancel,” and then try the transaction again.