How to Start an Online Media Business Working From Home

The Internet allows individuals to use their skills, experience and strengths to begin and grow their own businesses while working from the comfort of their own homes. Specifically, many such online media businesses specialize in writing, editing, translation, photography and video production. These businesses work with both local individual and small-business clients, as well as nonprofit organizations and large businesses. Although common threads exist in the process of starting any firm, you must consider several specific factors when beginning an online media business.

Develop a business plan. This plan defines the overall vision of your business, including its target market, areas of operation (for example, writing, editing or photography) and plan for generating revenue (for instance, advertising dollars or direct payments from clients).

Incorporate your business with your local Secretary of State. While not required, organizing your business as a separate entity will protect you and your assets from any liabilities your business may incur. You will need to fill out an "Articles of Incorporation" form, declare your business' legal name and pay a small fee.

Build a simple, informational business website. This can take the form of a standard informational website or an interactive blog. Include informational content on your business and its services on the home page of your website. Additionally, you should post samples of your previous work, such as published articles, existing photographs or professional videos, on your website to attract potential clients. Include contact information such as your email and telephone number on the website.

Make phone calls to potential clients, such as local small businesses, print magazines and Internet-focused business, and explain your business and its services. Ask to speak to a person who can make a decision on your service, such as a manager or executive. For print or online publications, you can send "query," or informational, emails in lieu of phone calls. Like exploratory phone calls, query emails should effectively describe your business' services and area of expertise.


  • If you have no experience in designing websites, consider hiring a professional freelance web designer to build a website for you.