How to Write a Team Sponsorship Request Letter

by Ian Linton ; Updated September 26, 2017
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Organizations sponsor teams as a way of gaining more public exposure while also providing financial help to the teams, whether they are at the youth, amateur, college or professional levels. When writing a sponsorship request letter for your team, set out the benefits for sponsors, the team’s credentials and the sponsorship requirements.

Explain Sponsorship Benefits

Tell sponsors how they will benefit from involvement with your team. Supporting a junior team, for example, can bring recognition in the immediate community and provide positive public relations. Sponsoring a college or professional team provides even wider exposure that might extend to the state, regional or national level.

Describe Team Goals

The letter should provide sponsors with details of the team’s performance and goals. For example, the goal of a junior team might be to provide opportunities for kids to learn athletic and team-building skills. A college or professional team might just need more sponsorship money to remain competitive. In your letter, offer specifics about how your team has improved the lives of participants, benefited the school or community, or established itself as a consistent championship contender with a wide following.

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Set Out Sponsorship Requirements

Clearly describe the type of sponsorship you require. If you want money for team uniforms, tell sponsors how many uniforms you will need, the material and sizes required, and where the sponsors' names will be displayed on the uniforms. For monetary funding requests, explain how you will use the funds and let sponsors know how you will acknowledge their contributions.

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