Flyers are a great, inexpensive method of advertising, especially when you are targeting a group of people in a specific geographic area. A flyer to advertise your multi-level marketing (MLM) offer can be designed on any graphics or word processing software program. Once created, it can be slightly modified for another offer or used over and over again. They can be posted in most grocery stores and libraries or handed out to people at events, giving your promotion a human touch.

Step 1.

Picture your ideal audience by visualizing one person. Ask yourself, for example, if this is a student, a home maker or someone who is retired. Keep this one person in mind while designing your flyer.

Step 2.

Write down all the benefits of your offer. Then select one to three points that are the most important to convey on your flyer. Additional benefits can be listed in point form, but should not crowd the flyer. Describe each benefit in a way that will appeal to the person you visualized in Step 1. For example, MLM may be a great way for a business student to work on their dreams of entrepreneurship. For a home maker, it may be a great way to get back into the workforce after being home with the children for several years.

Step 3.

Pick one call to action. While it is possible to give people a lot of information in a single flyer, it is important that you make it clear what you want them to do with that information. If you want them to visit a website, call a phone number, send an email, or come to an event, make sure that one thing stands out from all the other information on the flyer. Make the print larger and include space around it, positioned in the center or on the bottom of the page.

Step 4.

Use pictures to describe your offer. Upload your own photographs, download them from your supplier or from any stock image service. Images should tell a story. An image of someone using a product to solve a problem will engage readers more than just an image of the product. If you are promoting an information session or seminar, a good picture might suggest happy, successful people helping each other solving a common problem.

Step 5.

Use borders to separate different types of information on your flyer. If you are leading with a product, for example, but also want people to know they too can sell it, separate this information by framing it and placing it in a corner of the flyer.

Step 6.

Be honest and realistic in your claims. If people suspect your offer is too good to be true, they will make a point of avoiding it. It may be true that people can help people become millionaires, but if no one believes this claim, they will not give you the time to explain it.