The Monarch 1136 Labeler prints up to eight digits on two lines and is used to price items in retail stores. It is a sturdy, hand-held price gun designed for easy use. Loading labels into the gun requires only that you prepare the roll properly to ensure the roll slides through the gun smoothly. Once loaded, the gun is ready to use, requiring just a squeeze of the trigger to produce labels.

Loading the Labeler

Pull back the latches located on the top front sides of the labeler, and swing open the cover. You’ll hear a click indicating it is opened completely.

Tear off the first 10 inches of labels from the backing material of the new roll.

Place the label roll between the holders (gray circles) so that the holders are in the center hole of the roll.

Lay the label end across the labeler. Center the supply 5 to 6 inches over the peel bar located at the front of the labeler. Don’t thread the strip through the rollers.

Close the cover, and turn the labeler upside down. The strip should be placed under the two guards on the front of the gun.

Squeeze the trigger, and feed the strip of labels through the roller and into the large slot located under the arrows on the front of the labeler.

Release the trigger and then, while holding the strip in place lightly, squeeze the trigger about eight times until the strip is seen feeding through the exit located at the back of the labeler.

Remove any loose labels from the front as you squeeze the trigger.

Setting the Price

Pull out the knob on the back top of the labeler to set the labeler so it prints the digits you desire. Pull the knob out slowly until the character pointers are over the position you want.

Turn the knob. The digits will change as you do so. Continue turning until you have the desired digit.

Continue pulling the knob and turning over each digit position until you have the price that you want the labeler to print, and then push the knob back in place.

Place the nose of the gun against the item to be labeled, and squeeze the trigger while moving the gun in a downward motion. This releases the label and sticks it to the item.

Replacing the Ink Cartridge

Open the gun, hold the front end of the labeler sideways over a garbage can and press the light-gray button on the side. The old ink roller should pop out the other side and into the garbage.

Hold the new ink roller by the stem, and turn the labeler so that the side the old ink roller ejected from is facing up.

Slide the new roller into the hole, and snap it into place until you hear a click.


To remove jams, open the cover and tear away the supply roll to remove it. Remove any loose labels inside. Then pull up on the deflector frame (flat piece near roller assembly) to reveal the backing paper pad. Remove any labels and paper inside.

Use isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab to clean away any adhesive residue on your labeler.

Clean the digit pads by running a dry cotton swap across them.