How to Donate Sick Time to Other Employees

Long-term and serious illness can crop up at anytime and may affect you or someone else you work with. When you see a co-worker with struggling with serious illness and missing multiple work days without pay, you may find yourself wanting to help. Some companies, especially those governed by a union, have a sick-time donation program their employees can enroll in, allowing you to donate unused sick days to employees who need them.

Research your company's policies about paid sick days and a sick-time donation program. Ask the human resources director for assistance and for information about sick leave donation programs within the company.

Check your accumulated sick days. For example, many company's offer employees one paid sick day each month. When you don't use those sick days, they roll over into the next month and accumulate until, at the end of the year, you have twelve paid sick days if none have been used.

Enroll in the company's sick-time donation program. Some companies may have a specific enrollment period, and you may enroll only during that time. You may also be required to have a specific number of accumulated sick days you can donate that will go into the sick time pool for other employees to draw from in times of need.

Review the list of members requesting sick time from the bank and donate to specific employees. For example, if someone you work with is on maternity leave and requesting more sick leave, or if they recently had a stroke and require more time for recovery, you may be able to donate all of your accumulated sick time from the sick-leave bank to that one employee.


  • Many companies that offer sick leave banks for long-term and catastrophic illness require that you be a member of the sick-leave bank in order to donate and withdraw leave from the bank.


  • Not every company offers a sick leave program, and they may not even pay you and your fellow employees for sick days. Unless your company has a sick-leave bank or program in place, you will not be able to donate your sick leave to another employee. If this is the case, schedule a meeting with management and ask to put a sick-time bank in place within the company.