Before asking a technician to repair your Sharp copier, take a few minutes to see whether you can fix it yourself. Use the parts diagram in the owner's manual to identify the parts of the copier. You will need only a minute.

Most copier repairs are to the drum and fuser units. Paper jams suggest that there might be a problem with the fuser or feed rollers. Check both units carefully. Also, be sure any replacement charger cleaner or fuser roller is manufactured by Sharp for your model of copier.

Things You Will Need
  • Charger cleaner

  • Fuser roller

  • Glass cleaner and lint-free towel

  • Owner's manual

Step 1.

Clean the document glass, feed and fuser rollers with lint-free cloth and glass cleaner. Be sure that the rollers and glass are free of toner and other debris.

Step 2.

Complete a test copy. If you notice a gray background, you will need to replace the charger cleaner of the drum unit. Open the bypass tray and side cover by depressing the side cover open button. Take out the old charger cleaner, and replace the new charger cleaner in the correct position.

Step 3.

Replace the upper fuser roller, if you notice lines running down the page of your test copy. Raise the fusing unit release lever and open the reversing single pass feeder, or RSPF. Rotate the roller in the direction of the arrow to remove the fuser roller. Replace the new fuser roller in the correct position, then close the RSPF and lower the release lever.

Step 4.

Open the bypass tray and side cover of the Sharp copier to clear a paper jam. Gently remove the misfed paper from the paper feed area. Close the side cover by depressing the round projections near the side cover button, and wait for the error indicator light to stop blinking.

Step 5.

Lower the fusing unit release lever if the misfed paper could not be found in the paper feed area. Remove paper from fusing unit, then raise the lever and close the side cover.


Many times you will not need to replace parts of the fusing or drum unit. You will need only to clean the areas with a lint-free cloth and glass cleaner.

If you cannot perform the replacements, contact Sharp customer support.


Don't try to clear a paper jam by using a foreign object such as a letter opener. You could do permanent damage to the fusing unit.