How to Advertise My Tire Business

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Local tire businesses rely on word of mouth and local advertising mediums to increase brand awareness and sales. Studies show a steady increase since 2007 in local searches for various products and services on Internet search engines. A tire business should take advantage of this by launching informational websites and registering the company on the major search engines' business listings and maps pages. In addition, traditional Yellow Pages advertising and local print and radio ads must be considered.

Create a company website for your tire business. This website should include information about the products and services offered as well as the general contact information. Implement a lead capture service and auto-responder system to get customer info for future ad campaigns. Incentivize the lead capture form with a contest or discounts on the customer's next set of tires.

Register the website with the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing and Altavista. Visit each of the search engine's maps and business listings pages and register the tire store on those sites as well. Register your company at other sites that focus on local business searches.

Research and contract traditional means of local advertising. Print advertising and media advertising have been reduced since the Internet became a major force in the advertising and marketing worlds. However, many people still respond well to these traditional mediums because of the comparatively low number of competitors. Traditional advertising mediums include the Yellow Pages, local newspapers, billboards, coupons, radio and television. Include your website address and phone number in all of the ads.

Research and contract for Internet advertising. Forms of paid advertising on the Internet include search engine optimization (SEO) services, pay per click search advertising, pay per call advertising, and banner ads. Pay per click and pay per call ads are purchased from the major search engines and the Yellow Pages website. Banner ads may be purchased by contacting related local businesses and offering to purchase their ad space or offering to put their banner on your site.

Implement a system to track the impact of each of your chosen advertising methods. Simple systems include placing a simple form field on your lead capture form that asks the prospect how they found your website. Customer service representatives should ask people that call or visit the business the same question. Having a system of measuring your return on investment (ROI) will save you money long term.

Cut advertising that is not providing a satisfactory ROI after three to six months. Add new methods of advertising and test until you reach an optimal level of ROI for your tire business.


  • Internet advertising is often more cost effective than traditional methods.


  • Traditional advertising mediums lack an integrated system for tracking results.