How to Build a Portable Booth Display

carnival game booth image by Janet Wall from

There are numerous ways you can build a display booth. You can create the booth from metal, wood, fabric or other materials. You should be area of space you will be using in order to know the size of the booth to construct. In order to make the booth easy to transport, try to use as many lightweight materials as possible.

Measure the area of space your booth will sit. Determine the height and width and depth of the booth you are allowed to construct.

Lay four of the 4-foot by 8-foot wood planks on the ground and make a square. Use the hand drill and drill wood screws into the hinges in each of the four corners, connecting each piece. Take the other four remaining 4-foot by 8-foot wood planks and stand them up in each corner, using the drill to secure them to each corner.

Place each of the 4-foot by 10-foot sheets of plywood on its side, starting from the floor and working upward. Position the end of the plywood against the corner plank and use the hammer and nails to secure the plywood sheets to the planks. Place a second sheet on top of the one you just attached and repeat the process. You have built one wall. Repeat this process for the other three walls.

Use the saw to trim off any of the excess pieces wood from each corner of the walls. If you want to add a roof, lay the other pieces of plywood sheets across the top and use the hammer and nails (or drill and wood screws) to secure the sheets to the corner planks. You can place wood glue between the sheets on the roof to tighten the seal.

Build some shelves out of the remaining 2-by-4-foot planks and plywood sheets. Choose where in the booth you want your shelves and attach them using the hammer and nails.


  • Always wear gloves and goggles when working with tools