How Can I Make Babysitting Coupons?

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Babysitting is a good way for young adults to earn some extra spending money. The only problem is that every kid in your school already knows this. Make your babysitting service stand out from the crowd by creating your own babysitting coupons to hand out to potential clients. You can offer parents a one-time discount on your services so that they are enticed into trying you out, then when they see what a great job you did watching their kids, the parents will make you their go-to sitter and recommend you to all their friends.

Cut each piece of card stock into four equal-sized horizontal strips. These will be your coupons. Use card stock so that your coupons look nice and stand out from parents' other papers. If you cut them into these strips, you can get four coupons from each sheet. This way, they will not be so small that the parents lose them.

Decorate the front of each coupon. Use your markers to create a nice border with flowers or stars or just abstract designs or lines around the edges of the coupons. Experiment and make each coupon look different to find out what looks best.

Write what the coupon is good for in the middle front of each coupon. You want to give the parents some kind of financial incentive to use your services, but you don't want to babysit for free. Make the coupons for two kids for the price of one, or buy three hours of babysitting and get one free. Use your best handwriting so that the coupons look neat.

Turn the coupons over, and write your contact information on the back of each one in pen. The coupons are useless if the parents don't know how to get in touch with you. Leave your full name and phone number or e-mail address. If you have your own babysitting website or blog, include that information, too.

Decorate large empty spaces on the front of the coupons with drawings or stickers if you aren't a good artist. Don't make the coupons look crowded and sloppy; just fill up any spots that look too blank.

Hand out the coupons to parents you would like to babysit for. They could be people from your church or friends of your own parents.

Collect the coupons when the parents use them so that you aren't giving parents a discounted service every time you babysit. If the coupons are still clean and not creased, you can recycle them and hand them to new potential clients.


  • Free babysitting coupons also make nice gifts for new parents.


  • Do not give the coupons to people that you and your family don't know. Only babysit for families your parents know.