How to Return UPS Packages

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When the UPS driver arrives with a package, you have the option of refusing delivery and requesting that it be returned to the sender. This way, you avoid having to return the package later. If this isn't possible, however, you can send the package back on your own through any UPS location or partner. The shipping might be free, but this depends on the sender.

Return Label

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Many shippers provide customers with return labels for convenience if the customer needs to return or exchange an item. Some include a label with each package, email it upon request or provide it on their website. If these options are not available, your shipper might expect you to pay the shipping charges yourself. Contact the company and find out what its procedure is for returns.

Shipping Charges

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According to information from UPS' website, the company will not charge you for shipping if your package label has one of the following codes: RS, ARS or RS1. Look for such codes in the upper-right corner of the label. The shipper might still charge you, depending on its return policy. If so, shippers typically deduct the partial or full cost of shipping from any refund due you, as stated in their policy.

Shipping Package

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Deliver the package to UPS in one of several way. You could take it to any location of The UPS Store, a UPS customer center, a UPS authorized shipping outlet, or any Staples or Office Depot store; give it to a UPS driver; or place it in a UPS drop box. Note that drop boxes can only hold packages measuring up to 16 inches by 13 inches by 3 inches, and UPS does not recommend leaving bigger packages for pickup beside a box. If you have a UPS Returns Flexible Access label, you can also drop your package off at U.S. Postal Service locations, authorized dealers and boxes. You may also schedule a pickup with UPS online or by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS. There is a fee for the service.

Tracking Your Package

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UPS recommends copying the tracking number on the label so you known when the package arrives at the shipper's location. This number, beginning with 1Z, is in the middle of the label.


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