Accodata binders are a popular option for companies that need to organize their data and keep track of information. These pressboard folders come in a variety of different sizes and are typically meant for unburst sheets in a continuous fold. These sheets are typically printed on white-and-green paper on a dot-matrix printer.

While other Acco products can be used for keeping records, their data binders are intended for these types of printouts only.

Step 1.

Select the size binder you need for your information. Accodata binders come in 9.5 by 11 inches, 11 by 15.5 inches, 11 by 8 inches and 14 7/8 by 11 inches. The typical capacity of these binders is six inches thick.

Step 2.

Print out your data in continuous-fold paper that matches the size binder you selected. Make sure to keep the sheets unburst while they are printing out. The finished product should be a continuous folded stack of papers.

Step 3.

Punch holes in your paper if necessary. Most unburst continuous-sheet paper comes with prepunched holes, but this may not always be the case. Measure where your Accodata binder paper spikes are and punch your holes accordingly.

Step 4.

Insert your sheets into the Accodata binder. Put the paper spikes through the holes, taking care not to rip the pages. Secure the paper spikes once you are done. Typically, this is done by folding the spikes behind the paper and placing the included guides over the folded spike.

Step 5.

Label your Accodata binder. Once you have your data inserted and ready to go, create a label for the exterior of your binder to ensure that your filing system stays orderly. You can then put your binder inside a filing cabinet for easy retrieval when you need it.