How to Create Event Flyers for Free

With the aid of flyers, you can inform people of your upcoming event and encourage them to take part. While you can hire a company to craft flyers for your event, or purchase generic pre-made options, doing so requires a substantial investment. Save yourself money on the flyers, and reinvest this cash in the event itself, by crafting your own event flyers for free.

Select a word processing program to use. Any word processing program will work fine, as long as it allows you to add images and text boxes to the document.

Use a template for ease of creation. Consider downloading a free template to guide you in your flyer creation (see Resources). While you can certainly make a flyer without this help, downloading and using a template can save you time.

Pick an image that relates to your event. Select a photo of people in your group engaged in a previous event similar to the one you are throwing, or pick a standard clip art image that is in some way relevant if no photos exist. For example, if you are throwing a car wash, you could select an image of a sud-covered vehicle. Place this image in the center of the page.

Place a headline at the top of your flyer in attention-getting font. Add a text box at the top of the flyer page into which to put your headline. Keep this headline concise, limiting it to two or three words, as you only need this chunk of text to get your basic point across.

Include specifics about the event in a smaller print. Place these specifics below your centered image in a text box of their own. Include enough information for your flyer viewers to understand the what, when and where of the event, but do not be overly verbose, as viewers are not likely to invest time in reading a sizable chunk of text.

Print your flyer. Print these flyers from a printer directly, or print one copy and use a copy machine to create duplicates. Place the flyers on vibrant paper to make them even more attractive to viewers.



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