An online nutritional supplement business can be very profitable if you market it online and off. There are many people who want to lead healthier lives but do not have the time to exercise regularly or prepare quality meals each day. Provide customers with information about health and wellness to gain trust. Market products such as vitamins, energy supplements, weight loss products and exercise drinks. Increase sales by staying in touch with customers via email, your website and by using social media websites.

Things You Will Need
  • Business license

  • Website

Step 1.

Apply for a business license to start an online nutritional supplement business. Contact your local county clerk's office or Small Business Administration office for business licensing information. Apply for an Employer Identification Number through the Internal Revenue Service. Use this number when filing tax and other business documents with state and federal agencies. Apply for a sales tax number through your state's department of revenue to accept sales tax from customers. Register your nutritional supplement business with your state's secretary of state's office to form a corporation, limited liability company or partnership. Purchase home-based business insurance to cover the costs of a lawsuit or settlement.

Step 2.

Create a home office large enough to store nutritional products, such as vitamins, weight loss drinks and powders and nutritional additives if shipping directly to customers, store files and invoices. Purchase bookkeeping and invoicing software to track customer orders, invoices and business earnings.

Step 3.

Create a website for customers to place orders for nutritional supplement products. Include photos, product descriptions and prices. Write informative articles about health, wellness and everyday living to keep customers interested in your website. Research web-hosting companies to choose one that is reputable and affordable. Web-hosting companies provide space online for your website.

Step 4.

Purchase nutritional supplement products to sell online from nutritional supplement and wellness companies and wholesale supplement vendors. Contact a nutritional supplement wholesale dealer to take orders for online if you don't want to be involved in invoicing and shipping items to customers. When customers visit your website and place an order, the order is filled by the wholesale dealer. You are then paid by the dealer.

Step 5.

Market your supplement website online and off by listing your business in business directories. Attend health fairs, health and wellness trade shows and medical conferences to hand out fliers and business cards. Create an online newsletter to share health and medical news with customers. Use social media websites such as Twitter to communicate with customers.


Send email promotions about upcoming products and sales to those on your newsletter email list to increase sales.


Only sell products that are safe. Banned products may cause serious health risks to your customers and may result in a lawsuit against your business.