You can sell novelty items in a number of ways. One way is to open a retail store. Choose a location near a restaurant, strip mall or other high traffic area. Sell a large variety of novelty items that appeal to all age groups. Consider sharing a location with another business to cut back on rent and overhead expenses. Another way to sell novelty items is through mail order catalogs. However, you can also sell novelty items via the Internet and at public events. The latter two options are more practical when you first start selling novelty items.

Things You Will Need
  • DBA

  • Vendor's license

  • Wholesale or manufacturer supplier

  • Novelty product samples

  • Catalogs

  • Price lists

  • Order forms

  • Sales letters

  • Brochures

  • Shipping labels

  • Shipping boxes

Step 1.

Set up a home office to start your novelty business, which will keep your expenses down.

Step 2.

Create a fictitious name for your novelty business. Register your business name as your DBA doing business as through your county, town or city, according to Obtain a vendor's license through the same location.

Step 3.

Align yourself with a distributor of novelty items. Search through business opportunity magazines, such as "Entreprener" or "Small Business Opportunties." Find a wholesaler or manufacturer supplier if you want to sell your own novelty items. Contact the National Association of Wholesalers-Distributors at Go to and find manufacturers of novelty items.

Step 4.

Call distributors, wholesalers or manufacturers. Find out what products these businesses sell. Select the supplier that offers you the best services and product costs.

Step 5.

Set up a website for your novelties business. Submit your website through major search engines that include or Market your novelty items on auction sites, such as and

Step 6.

Advertise your novelty items in consumer magazines. Use small display or classified ads. Give people the option of going to your website or sending for more information. Send a sales letter and brochure to people who write you.

Step 7.

Sell your novelty items at flea markets. Check when various flea markets in your area are open. Pay the fee to rent a booth. Display your products. Leave brochures on the table for people to take with them.


Another option is to display your products at trade shows. Attend as many trade shows as you can. Take plenty of catalogs, price lists and order forms so people can order items not on display. Also, maintain the email and home addresses of all customers. Send special deals to customers via email. Mail sales letters, brochures and order forms to your customers periodically to increase your sales.