To ship an item by FedEx Express, you’ll need to complete a FedEx shipping document. You will use a U.S. Airbill if you are shipping within the United States, but not for Same Day and C.O.D. services. You can obtain an airbill from a FedEx location or, if you have a FedEx account, you can order airbills preprinted with your account number and return address information.

Completing the Shipping Document

Enter your return address. Include your name, telephone number and FedEx account number, if any. (This information may already be completed if you have ordered preprinted airbills from FedEx.)

Enter a billing reference, if applicable. This will appear on your invoice to help you to keep track of shipping charges.

Enter the recipient address (not a post office box or APO/FPO address) including name and telephone number. You may also choose to have the shipment held at a FedEx location. (See Resources to find a location.) If you choose this option, enter the address of the FedEx location as the recipient address and check the “Hold Weekday” or “Hold Saturday” box.

Choose a delivery option. If none is marked, FedEx will deliver packages via Priority Overnight service. See Resources to calculate cost and shipping time for different service options.

Specify the type of package that you are using, such as a FedEx Pak or envelope. If you are using your own packaging, choose “other.”

Specify whether your package contains dangerous goods. These can include items such as dry ice and lithium batteries. (See Resources for more information.) If your shipment includes any of these items, you must complete the “Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods” and include three copies.

Choose whether you want Saturday delivery or signature confirmation for an additional fee. If you select “Indirect Signature Required” (for residential deliveries only), the delivery person will obtain a signature from a person at the recipient’s address or from a neighbor, or will leave a door tag which the recipient may sign to authorize that the package can be left. Select “Direct Signature Required” to ensure that FedEx obtains a signature from someone at the address. Select “Adult Signature Required” to specify that the person signing for the package must show photo identification proving that he is 21 or older.

Choose how to pay. FedEx can bill your account, the recipient or a third-party account. You can also use a credit card or pay at a FedEx location when you ship.

Attach the airbill to the package and take it to a FedEx pickup location.