Website cloning is a process that involves creating a modified or complete copy of a website. This process is useful to web designers who want to create a website similar to another without having to write a completely new script. If you're interested in cloning an eCommerce website, keep in mind that making an exact copies of someone else's website and posting it online is considered stealing and should not be done. If, however, you want to learn this technique for educational purposes or use it for design ideas, it's acceptable.

Open your Internet Explorer browser and navigate to the homepage of the eCommerce website page you want to copy.

Create a new folder on your desktop by right clicking and selecting “New Folder.” Title it “Copy (site name here).”

Click “Page>Save As” from the menu in the upper right hand corner of your browser page. When the “Save As” dialog box appears, use the drop-down menu to select “Save As Complete Web Page.” Title the document “Index.html” and click “Save.”

Test the copied code you've just made by double clicking on its icon. If the page saved correctly, it opens up as the exact same web page.

Repeat the entire process with each web page you want to copy from the website.


Although sites with coding formats such as Flash are sometimes copyable, those with the best cloning results are HTML and CSS based sites.


Never make live copies of cloned websites; this is stealing and is prosecutable.