Most digital copiers have hard drives that are used to store data as well as the copier's operating system software. Like most any other hard drive, confidential data can be stored on your copier's hard drive. Each time a copy or print is made, its image is stored on the hard drive. These images can and should be erased before trading in or discarding the digital copier.

Things You Will Need
  • Disk scrubbing software

  • Computer connected to the same network as the digital copier

Step 1.

Install disk scrubbing software. The software must be installed on a server or computer that is connected to the same network as your digital copier. If you purchased the scrubbing software on disks, place the disks into the computer's DVD drive and run the "setup.exe" file. If you downloaded the software, locate the "install" or "setup.exe" file. Double-click the set up or install files and proceed through the installation process.

Step 2.

Execute the scrubbing software. Double-click the icon that was created for the scrubbing software. Depending on which software you are using, you will need to choose which hard drive you want the software to scrub. Be certain you choose the correct hard drive because disk scrubbing is irreversible.

Step 3.

Test for success. Once the scrubbing software has been completed, the copier's entire drive, including its operating system, will have been erased. If the copier boots up and is able to make copies, the scrubbing process was not successful.

Step 4.

Unplug the copier. Though the copier will be unusable once its hard drive has been scrubbed, it is safer to unplug it from its power source to ensure no one tries to use the copier or send print jobs to it.