Fashion shows are one way to generate a good amount of money for fundraisers to support a new business, an after-school activity or a worthy cause such as medical research. When designing the fashion show program, the focus should be on your guests. Decide what kind of information a guest at a fashion show might want to see. Articles on the designers, how to purchase the clothing that is fashioned and price ranges of the clothes that are featured should provide helpful, interesting information that can compel or inspire guests to pay attention.

Step 1.

Research the designers of the brands you plan to feature at your fashion show. Design a page or two in your program for a spotlight on the designer. Write an article or profile on the designer's background and beginnings in the industry and on the success of his sales. Focus on the designer's target market whether they be teens, men, women, or a combination of these groups. Highlight how the designer is succeeding in his chosen trend.

Step 2.

Decide on a theme for your fashion show and design the pages of the program around that theme. For example, if your fashion show is going to be structured around new spring styles, design your cover and pages with a spring theme.

Step 3.

Design pages for advertisers. Paid advertisers can help fund your fashion show. Some of your guests may be interested in ads relating to the theme of your show. Vary the design of the pages by placing various size ads on separate pages. If you do not wish to dedicate entire pages for ads, then consider mixing the ads with the articles that have been written for the program.

Step 4.

Write a thank you page that credits those who contributed in some way to the fashion show. Whether it is a merchandiser or the DJ, make sure you give them credit for making the show a success.