Greenwald is a coin operation company that makes coin, smart card and access control systems for laundry and other vending products. A money box is the box inside the vending products that holds the coins once they are entered by the customer. The money boxes are made of steel and are designed to protect against vandalism and stealing. When choosing a Greenwald money box, it is important to know exactly what type of box you are looking for.

Step 1.

Measure the space for the box to determine what size money box you will need. Each money box has a specific height, length and width. This is the first thing you need to look for when choosing the right money box for your machine. If the box doesn't fit perfectly, it many not work properly or be as safe.

Step 2.

Decide how much you want your money box to weight in relation to your vending product. The lightest money boxes are the UG1200's and the UG400's. The heaviest money boxes are the UG800's. If you have a smaller vending product, you may want a lighter box.

Step 3.

Determine how much money you need the money box to hold. Greenwald money boxes can hold anywhere from 45 dollars to 150 dollars. If you have a machine that is not used as much, or is small, you may not need it to hold as much money, but if the machine is frequently used, and it may exceed 45 dollars or more before it can be collected, you should go with a box that has more room and durability.