Most Samsung printers print on a variety of materials, including printer paper, stock and envelopes. Having your envelope information printed can add a professional look to your mailing. This is especially true if you have questionable handwriting. Printed envelopes also give you the opportunity to include a business logo or other images. Samsung printers use a separate multipurpose tray to insert an envelope for printing.

Open the multipurpose tray on the front of the Samsung printer.

Load the envelope into the multipurpose tray with the flap side facing up.

Slide the paper width guide to the edge of the envelope to hold it in place.

Open the program you want to use to print to the Samsung printer on your computer.

Click “Print Preferences.”

Change the size of the page to envelope.

Click “Print.”


These instructions may vary depending on the model of Samsung printer and computer program you are using to print. See the manufacturer’s user guide for information specific to your model.


Fan or bend a stack of envelopes before you put them into the multipurpose tray to avoid them sticking to each other.