How to Obtain a New Copy of a Master Business License

A master business license allows you to open or reopen a business, add locations and hire employees. Most cities and counties require you to display your business license when offering a service. Also, when you apply to do business with new vendors, they generally require a copy of your business license. Therefore, if you lose your license it is important to get a copy as soon as possible.

Get a Copy Locally

Visit the business license office in your county. Generally, this is the office where you submitted your application for your master business license.

Provide the clerk with your business name, tax identification number and address. Also, supply her with your personal information. Provide your photo identification.


Request a copy of your business license. Pay the fee if it is required for the copy.


Obtain a Copy Online

Go to your state’s website. Locate the Secretary of State’s Web page.


Click on the “Business” section on the Web page. Then, click on the portion of the page that allows you to view master business license or business registration.


Enter your business information, including the name, address and tax identification number. Locate your master business license. Print it.