Small businesses must constantly stay on top of their game by pulling in new clients, keeping the old ones, watching the market, advertising smartly and paying attention to product trends. Like most service-oriented businesses, running a successful floor stripping business also depends on quality customer service to keep those hard-earned clients. Taking the time to evaluate all aspects of the business can lead to adjustments that grow success.

Step 1.

Check industry websites and trade journals to stay abreast of new products and practices. The website Cleaning and Maintenance new and efficient floor stripping products that may put your business ahead of the competition.

Step 2.

Break into the green market by offering clients environmentally friendly products as alternatives to old standards. reports some “manufacturers have removed ammonia from their formulations so the odor when stripping a floor is more manageable.” Advertising your business’ use of green products could increase your client base.

Step 3.

Diversify your client base to include both residential and commercial clients. Expand your brand by offering efficient, fast results to commercial interests while noting the sharp, detail oriented work required by home improvement customers. By knowing how to strip varnish or paint off newer floors and do intricate restorative work, the customer base will increase.

Step 4.

Invest in your equipment. Putting money back into purchasing to-of-the-line floor stripping machines, buffers and scrubbers will increase the efficiency of your workers and your ability to perform the job well.

Step 5.

Hire professional, knowledgeable and hard-working staff who can represent the company well in your absence. A clean appearance, polite manner and the ability to answer a customer’s questions will go a long way in promoting trust and client longevity. A workerwho cannot answer questions on the complete floor stripping process, including the effect of those products on certain finishes, needs better training.

Step 6.

Promote the business using a mix of traditional and new methods. Look for restoration conferences in your area and hire a booth for showing demonstrations on various floor stripping methods. Use social networking sites or create a blog that highlights your best work. Keep business cards and fliers refreshed at hardware stores and antique shops.

Step 7.

Give a little away. Offer clients free inspections, a first-time discount, or volunteer once a quarter at a non-profit by stripping and waxing their offices for free. Contact the local historical society and ask if any projects could use your services. Promoting community spirit can spread the word about your business and bend the ear of donors who could use your services down the road.

Step 8.

Maintain bookkeeping or hire a professional accountant to keep an eye on the bottom line. A business that does not manage its money well, no matter how many customers, will ultimately fail.