A strong advertising campaign is essential for a nursing home to increase resident recruitment numbers, so the facility maintains a full capacity as well as a waiting list for prospective residents. While some nursing homes are owned by large chains, others are small businesses that lack the resources to hire major marketing companies or large advertising firms. Affordable nursing home advertising strategies are available and can boost your facility's recruitment efforts significantly. The most important strategy is to advertise in multiple media sources and to make contact information prominent and memorable.

Step 1.

Design a clear, concise message that establishes what makes your nursing facility distinctive. Emphasize quality, compassionate care, affordability or services that set the nursing home apart from competitors. Create a brief slogan or mission statement that informs potential customers about your services and goals.

Step 2.

Contact your local news or radio station to obtain demographic information. The primary target groups for nursing home advertisements are senior citizens or their children. Based on the broadcasting station's information, determine the time of day or programming that maximizes exposure to your demographic group of interest.

Step 3.

Write a 30-second radio or television advertisement. Include the name of your nursing home, the type of client you seek and the services you offer. Mention contact information, including phone number and website address at least two times in the advertisement.

Step 4.

List your nursing home in online directories such as Google or Yahoo. The Internet is a primary resource for people seeking nursing home services, according to BG Theory. Ensure that all online links have accurate email, telephone and website contact information.

Step 5.

Order business cards with the name of the nursing home, a contact person, website name and phone number. Pass out cards to friends and colleagues seeking nursing services or post them on community message boards.

Step 6.

Design a print ad for your local newspaper or senior citizen center publications. Senior community centers often have publications that run print ads for local businesses. Include your slogan or mission statement in the ad and include an attractive picture of your facility.

Step 7.

Create brochures with detailed information about your facility. Include typical costs, services and any specialized care you provide. Leave copies of the brochures in your lobby or in senior community centers, so interested residents can contact you.


Include keywords in your website to boost its search-engine placement.