How to Make a Restaurant Menu in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Office has numerous templates -- including restaurant menus -- that you can modify to meet your needs. Templates provide a good starting point from which you can make changes for your specific menu. A few select templates are included with Microsoft Office, with many more being available for download either through Word or through your Web browser. If you find a template from a source other than Microsoft, use caution when downloading and opening it; third-party files can contain malware.

Templates Within Word

Click the "File" tab from the menu bar.

Choose "New" from the options on the left. The installed templates are listed in the center pane with a preview on the right.

Type "Menu" in the search box and press "Enter" to see menus available from the Microsoft Office website. You can also browse the templates online (link in Resources).

Find the menu you want to use as your template and click the download button in the lower right section. The menu will open as a new document for you to customize.

Customize the Menu

Right-click the first style choice in the Styles section on the Home tab of the menu bar. Choose "Select all XX Instance(s)" where XX is the number of times in the document that style is used. Word then highlights all the places in the document where that style is employed.

Right-click the style again and select "Modify." A dialog box appears allowing you to adjust the font properties for that style. Make the changes you want and tick the box next to "Automatically Update" at the bottom before you click "OK." All the instances of that style will be updated with the new formatting. Repeat for all the styles you want to change in the document.

Choose the "Page Layout" tab from the menu bar and click "Page Borders" in the Background section to adjust the borders used -- if any. In the same section, you can make changes to the page color and the watermark if any have been applied in the template.

Click to select any image on the menu. A new tab appears in the menu bar with picture formatting options. Select the "Format" tab to make changes to the picture if you want. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, color, shadow, size and position of the picture.

Add your own picture or logo through the Insert tab on the menu bar. Click "Picture" and browse to the image you want to insert.