How to Buy Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

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Jewelry can serve as art form, a means of self expression, and a display of one’s wealth and status all at the same time. Some people like to make their own jewelry as a hobby. Others buy and sell jewelry to earn a living. Whether you are a professional jewelry maker, or someone who just likes to adorn yourself with objects that have personal meaning, you will need to purchase supplies. Buying supplies wholesale can help you save money and obtain what you need to craft the perfect bracelet or ring.

Get a Federal Tax Identification Number. An FTID is a number that identifies you as being in the jewelry business. You can get an FTID from the IRS via an application online. The number will allow you to work with wholesalers as a member of the profession and let you separate out business expenses from other household expenses for tax purposes.

Attend area trade shows. Trade shows are shows where suppliers showcase their goods to buyers and retailers. Some shows allow anyone to attend for the price of a ticket. Others require you to demonstrate that you have a Federal Tax Identification Number and work in the jewelry business before you can enter the door.

Investigate alternative means of getting supplies. If you only plan to make a few items each year, you may not find it beneficial to purchase jewelry making supplies in bulk. Consider alternative sources. Thrift shops often have a selection of jewelry to pick from. You can easily pick apart an already made item and use the beads or jewels to make your own objects at lesser cost. Attend garage sales or estate sales to pick up cheap jewelry elements.

Buy from wholesale warehouses. Wholesale warehouses are stores that specialize in providing a wide range of goods at large discount. A wholesale jewelry supplier may ask you for your FTID in advance or simply let you purchase items without one. Some wholesale suppliers offer high end gems, fastenings, claps, individually painted glass beads and leather bands. Others offer plastic items designed for the costume jewelry market.

Use less traditional suppliers. A discount hardware store can be the ideal place to purchase copper wires on sale and in large quantities as well other items used to craft jewelry such as pliers. Your local discount store, art supply store or school supply may offer beads and other material intended for creating craft projects at very low cost.


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