Direct mail is a powerful tool for building your business or getting your message out. Creating and managing a direct mail campaign can seem a little daunting. The United States Postal Service offers some helpful advice and how-to tips for prospective direct mailers.

Direct mail offers a cost-effective method of personal contact with established and prospective customers. Adding a tracking code to your mailer helps measure the success of your campaign.

Things You Will Need
  • Desktop publishing software

  • Mailing list

  • Printing service or computer printer

  • Mailing labels

  • Flash drive

Create Your Mailer

Step 1.

Use a pen and pad to list what you are offering and who you want to offer it to. List what products you want to offer on each page and any special offers you want to include.

Step 2.

Create your mailer using desktop publishing software or an online resource. The Postal Service offers a service to create direct mail pieces online. Be sure that your name and contact information is included on the mailing piece and save the file in a location where you can find it easily.

Step 3.

Print your mailing list names and addresses onto adhesive-backed mailing labels. If you do not have your own list, you can purchase one from a mailing list service.

Step 4.

Copy your mailer file to your flash drive. This is the file the printer will use to print the direct mail pieces.

Print and Post

Step 1.

Print the document with your computer printer or go to the printer of your choice and have the quantity of pieces you need printed. Professional printers may offer a lower rate for printing a larger quantity of your mailer.

Step 2.

Place mailing labels on each mailer you want to send.

Step 3.

Apply postage. If you are sending less than a few hundred pieces, the U.S. Postal Service recommends sending your mailer by First Class mail. If you have more, you can send it Standard Mail at a lower rate.

According to the U.S. Postal Service, you can purchase postage stamps online or apply for a postage imprint account at the post office if you plan on doing large mailings.

Step 4.

Gather all the mailers together for posting. The postal service can supply you with a tote to use if you have a lot of pieces to send.

Step 5.

Send them to the post office via your mail carrier or deliver them yourself.


Offer real benefits in your mailer and and always ask the reader for a specific action.


Never address a mailer to "Occupant" or "Resident." That's guaranteed to send it directly to the trash.