How to Obtain a Bed & Breakfast Permit in Hawaii

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Obtaining a bed-and-breakfast permit in Hawaii can yield many benefits, such as the flexibility and freedom to have your own business. However, many local limitations and state regulations exist. For example, only 48 B&B permits can be issued in Hana County. Also, getting a permit may take a long time, as the government deals with many applications.

Determine in which county your bed-and-breakfast inn will be located. You can do this by searching for your address at Hawaii's official website.

Get a B&B permit application at the county office or visit the county's website to print an application.

Complete the application and submit it as soon as possible. Since many applications are submitted, counties can only approve so many while putting the others on the waiting list. Keep in mind that you cannot run your business without the permit or will face fines and charges. You also must submit supplemental documents, such as proof of landownership of the B&B.

Call the county one week after submitting your application to see if you have documents missing or need to submit anything else.

Call the county after one month to see if your application has been completely processed, which can take several months. Once it has been completely processed, you could be issued a permit in as little as a month.


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