How Do I Put Staples in the PaperPro StackMaster 100?

The PaperPro StackMaster 100 is a heavy-duty office stapler designed to staple stacks of paper from 30 to 100 sheets. The staples used in the PaperPro StackMaster 100 are longer than standard staples, so they penetrate larger stacks of documents. According to PaperPro, the StackMaster's internal mechanism "converts your finger pressure into 70 lbs. of staple driving power."

Pull the top of the stapling mechanism away from the base. It is best to load the PaperPro StackMaster 100 on a flat surface for stability.

Place the stapler upside down. The stapler has an automatic-open feature and the loading track should open. If it does not, press the release at the back of the stapler mechanism.


Insert the staples upside down (with the points facing upwards) in the loading track and close the track. Swing the stapler back into position and it should be ready to go.



  • It is recommended to use PaperPro Heavy Duty staples with this device.