Entering service mode on a Canon copier allows you to alter several different copier settings, including the ambient temperature setting and the relative humidity settings. These settings allow you to adjust the copier to your environment, instead of having to adjust your room temperature or humidity to increase the reliability of the Canon copier. Entering the service mode takes a few steps and is consistent across most models.

Step 1.

Press the "*" button; immediately press the "2" and "8" buttons simultaneously. Pressing this series of buttons too slowly will not gain you entry into service mode.

Step 2.

Press the "*" button, then release. The Canon copier will indicate that you are in the service mode.

Step 3.

Navigate the menus to change the copier's settings. Service mode lets you troubleshoot an error code, increase the fusing temperature and access error logs.


Download the owner's manual for your model if you're unable to enter service mode; a few Canon models require different steps (see Resources).


Changing the settings in service mode can cause adverse effects.