Presentations are the most important aspect of obtaining funding, marketing or selling clothing designs to major clothing companies. Whether the designs are meant for high fashion or consumer purchases, presenting the ideas to the company or manufacturer is the most important part of getting the clothing design made and sold. Presentations are challenging, especially for those with stage fright or fear of public speaking, but anyone can present ideas well.

Things You Will Need
  • Clothing designs

  • Outline

  • Speech notes

Organize the design ideas. Design ideas are typically drawn clothing designs that are not yet made into patterns. Organize the ideas in a logical order, such as swim suit designs, shirt designs, skirt designs and others. The order should follow logic, but the exact organization is personal preference. For example, a logical order might have specific types of clothing in various areas or it might follow seasonal inspiration, such as spring designs or winter clothes.

Look at the individual or group listening to the presentation. Presentations take the audience into account and are written for the audience. If presenting to a single individual, consider the person’s feelings for fashion and design and use their personal feelings to gain support. If presenting to a group, determine what the group is looking for and present around the ideas the group needs. For example, an individual that hates dresses might dismiss a presentation that focuses mainly on dresses but a group looking for new dress designs for spring will appreciate a presentation focusing on dresses.

Write an outline. The outline should start with a full introduction to the designs. Keep the introduction short and to the point, but make sure it grabs the audience attention. Explain which types of designs are being presented and what is important about the designs. The rest of the outline should make bullet points of important facts to remember.

Reiterate main points or details. Audiences have short attention spans. Repeat important points or details in the speech.

Know your competition and be able to speak coherently about how your designs differ from those of your competitors. Reviewing trade and fashion magazines and websites in advance of your presentation will keep you up-to-date in your field.

Practice the presentation. If using aids, such as computer programs or posters with the designs, practice changing the posters or program page so that it is fluid. Practice the speech excessively. Practice makes perfect and raises confidence during a presentation.

Write out a note card or two for the presentation. The note cards need main points, but should not write out the speech. Eye contact during a speech is vital and limiting the cards to bullet notes makes it harder to stare at the cards.


Consider wearing one of your pieces to the presentation.