How to Get a Louisiana Tax ID

by Elton Dunn; Updated September 26, 2017
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Informally known as a Louisiana tax ID, the Louisiana tax or revenue account number allows businesses to identify themselves when filing state taxes. Every Louisiana-based business needs to obtain a state tax ID as part of the business registration process. Applying for your tax ID easy, but you must first have a federal EIN or employer identification number. According to Business Name USA, you need a state tax ID if you have more than one employee, but not if you are solo business owner without employees.

Items you will need

  • Federal employer identification number
  • Business charter number
  • Business documentation
  • Social security number
  • Owner contact information
Step 1

Gather the necessary documentation before you apply for a Louisiana tax ID. Per the state's Department of Revenue, you need the business' legal name and location, federal identification number, charter number and the name, address and social security numbers of all partners, officers and owners. You may also need to provide email addresses. If you need to add a new business to an existing Louisiana tax id, you need your current tax ID number.

Step 2

Complete the business registration online to get your tax ID. Create an account and fill out the application directly through the Louisiana Department of Revenue website (see Resources). Alternately, download the paper application and return it to the Department of Revenue via mail.

Louisiana Department of Revenue P.O. Box 201 Baton Rouge, LA 70821

Step 3

Fill out the application, either online or by hand, which requires you to fill out your legal name, the name of the business, the federal employer identification number (or EIN), the numbers of permits you have (to sell alcohol or tobacco) and other personal information. Use the supporting documentation you gathered earlier to complete the application.

Step 4

Send in the application either by mail or through the website. Then, wait to receive your Louisiana tax ID, typically within four to six weeks.

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