How to Apply for a Missouri Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

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In the state of Missouri, certain types of businesses can apply for a sales tax exemption certificate. The business types are religious, nonprofit, charitable, school and federal and state agencies. The Missouri Department of Revenue is the agency that grants tax exemption certificates to business. If you have been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service, you can use that to show how your business meets the qualifications for tax exempt status in Missouri.

Download Form 1746 from the Missouri Department of Revenue website (see Resources).

Complete the form with the details about your business, including location, mailing address, type of business and reason for requesting exemption.


Make a copy of your Missouri business registration certificate, the business bylaws, financial records for the past three years and your exemption letter from the IRS. You may not have a business registration certificate or IRS exemption letter, which is OK.


Submit your completed Form 1746 with the copies you made to the Missouri Department of Revenue. Use the address listed on the top of Form 1746. As of June 2010, there is no application fee.




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