Meto pricing guns are the products of Checkpoint Systems. They come in a variety of models, capable of printing one, two or three lines of price information on different styles of price tags. They are lightweight and ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue. The process of loading price tag rolls into the tool is the same for all models of Meto pricing guns.

Things You Will Need
  • Meto price gun

  • Meto price tag roll

  • Meto ink roller (if necessary)

Step 1.

Remove any old label roll in the gun if necessary. Cut or tear the strip at the base of the tool and pull out the short end toward the handle. Open the base plate by pulling back the retaining knobs on each side of the tool to release the base plate. Gently spread the sides of the label roll holder and remove the old roll.

Step 2.

Push the new label roll into the label holder at the top of the gun, with the labels facing up. Open the base plate fully and feed the label roll between the roller and the base plate. Pull out about 6 inches of the label roll. Close the base plate.

Step 3.

Squeeze the handle of the gun and hold it. Feed the labels into the top of the transport unit until they emerge from the bottom near the handle lever. Then squeeze the handle repeatedly to tighten up the labels, until the first printed label is dispensed.

Step 4.

Set the price by pulling out the dialing knob on the right side of the print head and rotating it to the desired price. Then push the knob fully back into the print head.

Step 5.

Change the ink roller if necessary by first squeezing the handle to swing out the ink roller assembly until it locks. You can then release the handle. Hold both sides of the ink roller bracket and pull it out to remove it. Remove the old roller from the bracket with a screwdriver. Install the new ink roller into the bracket by pressing the bracket down on the roller to snap it in place. This can be done without removing the new roller from its blister pack; simply push the sides of the bracket into the blister pack until the new roller snaps into place, then lift the bracket out at an angle to tear through the cover foil. Reinstall the bracket and roller into the ink roller assembly and swing the assembly back into place.


Checkpoint Systems recommends that you use only Meto pricing labels in your Meto price gun.