How to Promote an Avon Business

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Working as an independent sales representative for Avon is a way to make extra money in your spare time or run a home based business. To be successful, you must promote and sell large quantities of Avon products. Promoting your Avon business can increase sales and profits.

Print and carry business cards. Purchase business cards directly from Avon by visiting the “Resources” section in your Avon seller’s account. You may also choose to have cards printed by a printer. However, Avon requires the ‘AVON’ trademark to be placed on your card in capital letters and the title “Independent Sales Representative” to be placed under your name.

Set up a website that allows customers to conveniently shop online. Businesses that have an online presence reach a broader clientele base. Avon requires that representatives use an Avon provided website and not one personally set up. To set up your promotional site, view the “Avon website” tab in your seller’s account. Click on the "Web Office" option and sign up for your site. You will not be able to choose your own website address, rather, one will be assigned to you by Avon. To edit your site and add information click on the "Edit" option under the "Personalization" tab in Web Office.

Create a paper or electronic newsletter to send to new and existing clients. Outline any events that you will be hosting, new products and articles highlighting the benefits of using certain items, for example. Avon provides its representatives with a free email newsletter application. You can create your own as long as it is approved by your regional sales manager before dispersion.

Create a customized email signature that includes your title as an Avon “Independent Sales Representative” and contact information. Sending an email with this signature reminds the recipient that you sell Avon products. Your information will be readily available to request a catalog, check out your website or place an order.

Host an Avon party. Use your own home, or the home of a friend or customer, to gather a large number of potential customers. Ideally, your party space should be large enough to accommodate the guests comfortably. Furnish the event with the appropriate seating and catalogs. Provide hors d'oeuvres and interactive product demonstrations during the event.


  • Always provide exceptional customer service to your existing clients by answering inquiries promptly and ensuring that ordered products are delivered in a timely manner.


  • Avoid using any promotional methods that are prohibited by Avon. Check with your regional sales manager if you are unsure if a promotional method is allowed.



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