Customer care or service employees are hired based on their strengths in the field. Common strengths and weaknesses are often addressed in the customer care position, so employers can address workers who need additional help or guidance to perform more effectively. New employees are often asked to address strengths and weaknesses during the interview process, so they know what they need to work or focus on during employment.

Team Player

One of the strengths a customer care representative must have is the ability to work as part of a team. While the worker may work individually when speaking directly with customers on the phone or in person, the worker can still rely on other workers to answer questions and get guidance. The strength lies in recognizing the situations in which the employee can work alone and when an extra hand is needed, such as dealing with difficult customers.


Another strength that customer care representatives must have is the ability to seek out work when none is readily available. If the worker’s phone is not ringing or no customers are in the store, customer care workers should help other workers in need. Hard-working employees are often recognized due to their commitment and dedication to the work in question.

Staying in Control

Another strength that employers may look for is the ability to stay calm and in control of the conversation. Some customers will call in and complain. The anger may be too much for the customer care representative to handle, so the conversation can quickly escalate out of the control. Employers look for employees who can stay calm, despite being yelled at. If the employee is calm, the customer may end up being calm and relaxed as well.

Avoid Debaters

Debaters are individuals who must discuss or argue any changes or points made in a conversation. This is not necessarily beneficial for customer care agents who communicate directly with customers. Rather than providing care and help, the employee may end up arguing and debating with the customer. This can end up reflecting badly on the company.

Giving Favors

Another weakness a customer care representative should avoid is taking on too much for other employees. Constantly doing favors for customers and other customer care employees may distract the worker from doing her own work effectively. If one customer gets a favor, such as being sent a new product in the mail, other customers may expect the same treatment when they call. Giving inconsistent customer treatments can affect the credibility of the company.