Customer service are those activities that a company fulfills for a customer. The employees delivering the customer service is the face of the company to the customer. In other words, if the customer service employee is rude, the customer will perceive that the company is also rude and does not care for its customers. Customer service is important not only to the customer but to the employee as well.

Internal/External Customer

The definition of customer has evolved. Previously, a customer was believed to only be those external to the company. However, with the evolution of business models, a customer is also internal. For example, when the marketing department needs an item from the finance department, the marketing department becomes a customer of the finance department. The departments are within the company, so they are internal customers. Customer service is important to the employee because the definition of customer has changed.

Engaged Employees

Customer service is important to the employee when the employee is engaged in the company. Employee engagement means the employee realizes he has a direct impact on the direction of the company. The company responds to employees in a timely manner, addresses concerns and allows the employee to have an impact in his sphere of authority. When the employee is engaged, the customer service exhibited to the customer will be apparent and the employee will engage and expand his skills to assist the customer.


If the company does not treat the customer properly, there is a high possibility that it does not treat the employee properly either. Radio Shack sent a layoff notification to 400 employees via email. The actions of the company slightly tarnished the image of the company in customers' minds. How a company treats its customers can deter future employees from seeking opportunities at the company. It can also deter customers from purchasing from the company (i.e., if they treat their employees that way, how will they treat me?)

Job Viability

Customer service is important to the employee because if there are no customers, then there is no company. The customers help the organization remain in business and viable. Customer service is a competitive edge among competitors and within the industry. Current customers can refer business and prospects can become customers. It is important to keep the customer pipeline active in order to help the business grow. Customer service is an integral part to growing a business and ensuring its success.

Continued Employment

If customer service is not important to the employee, then the individual can be fired from the job. The employee must understand that his continued employment hinges on his ability to provide excellent customer service.