How to Register My Internet Business

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Registering your Internet business requires you to have a domain name and hosting service. Before officially registering your business, you should consider chalking out a business plan. Once you know the kind of business it will be, you can find a domain name from any of the websites that sell domain names. After purchasing the domain name, you have to get hosting services to give a home to your Internet business. Although many domain-selling websites offer hosting services as well, you can look for better hosting plans at other websites, too.

Determine a suitable name for your business. Select a simple, easy-to-remember and catchy name ending in “.com"--as you will be offering commercial services. The name you choose for the domain should reflect the nature of your business. For instance, if you are selling gardening tools on the Internet, your website’s name should clearly indicate that it sells gardening equipment. However, you will have to be flexible while choosing the name because you will come across competitors with similar names. For this reason, you have to aim for a name that clearly indicates your services, while still managing to have it be different and innovative.

Look for places to register a domain name for your business. You can find some domain registering websites in Resources below.

Check on the domain registering website if your desired domain name is available. If the one you had in mind isn’t available, try looking for anything similar. Shopping for an Internet domain is tricky. Different websites have different plans and prices so you will have to look around for best rates.

Find a hosting website for your business. Generally, the website that sells domain name offers hosting services as well, but you should consider looking at other hosting plans. According to, the 10 best web hosting choices are Host Monster, Just Host, Web Hosting Pad, i Page, Blue Host, In Motion Hosting, Host Clear, Host Gator, Go Daddy and Yahoo.



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