Here's the situation: you have a restaurant where guests can sit and eat. This is great, however, you see an opportunity to make more money: providing takeout service to your customers. Providing a takeout menu is a great opportunity to generate more income while not worrying about restaurant capacity and hiring extra waitstaff. A takeout menu will attract customers who love your food but don't have time to sit and eat, families who want to purchase your food and enjoy it at home, and customers who want to purchase your food for picnics, parties and other events.

Things You Will Need
  • Microsoft Word

  • Printer

Plan Your Takeout Menu Items

Step 1.

Plan the food items that you would like to offer on your takeout menu. Selecting a simple menu will make order fulfillment easy for you and make choosing a takeout meal easy for your guests.

Step 2.

Divide your takeout offerings into categories, should you choose to do so. For example, you could have a category for appetizers, which could include garlic bread, french fries and mozzarella sticks. Then, move on to entrees, sides and desserts.

Step 3.

Determine prices for each menu item. Ensure that your pricing is consistent. You may want to price items in full dollar amounts or ending in 50 cents, or price items ending with nine cents. For example, a tuna sandwich can be priced at $4.00, and fries can be $1.50. Or, the tuna sandwich can be $3.99 and the fries can be $1.49.

Design Your Menu

Step 1.

Open Microsoft Word (or other word-processing software) and begin a new document. Save your document before you begin entering any information. Save your menu periodically as you create it.

Step 2.

Create a border for your menu. To do this in Word 2007, click the "Page Layout" tab and select "Page Borders." A simple border is best so people can focus on the menu choices, although a border with pictures of ice cream cones can be appropriate for a takeout ice cream shop. If you would prefer to make your menu fancier, you can purchase pre-printed stationery and print your menu on the already decorated paper.

Step 3.

Place a menu title at the top of your menu using Word art. Select the "Insert" tab, and select "WordArt." Follow the prompts until you create a header that matches your restaurant's attitude and theme. Headers such as "Takeout Menu" or "Casey's Restaurant Takeout Menu" are simple, easy-to-understand options.

Step 4.

Add your restaurant's logo to your menu. On the "Insert" tab, you will see the option to add a picture or to add clip art. Choose the option to add a picture, and add the restaurant's logo.

Step 5.

In bold, type the category header for the first section of your menu. Enlarge the font to at least font-size fourteen. Center the heading, if you choose. Press enter twice.

Step 6.

Type the name of your first menu item. Press tab repeatedly to move the cursor toward the right of the page and enter the price of the item. Do the same for all of the other menu items in this category.

Step 7.

Enter the header and menu items for the remaining menu categories. If your menu continues onto a second page, ensure that the second page begins with a new category. Do not begin a menu section on one page and continue it onto the second, because restaurant guests may not realize that the menu options continue on the second page.

Step 8.

If your menu is two pages, ensure that your menu is set to print on the front and back of the same page. Select "Print Preview" and ensure that the menu fits well on the desired number of pages. Make any necessary font adjustments to your menu and save the finished product.


Be creative with fonts, font sizes and colors. Personalize your restaurant's menu to fit the style and personality that you want your menu to portray. Ensure that your menu is simple enough for customers to easily understand.