How to Improve Auto Accessory Sales

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Adding on accessories to a vehicle allows an owner to display his personality, or to treat himself to the bells and whistles that did not originally come with a vehicle. Improving auto accessory sales can be as easy as advertising to reach more people, or to try and gain loyal, consistent business sources. Generally, it will take effort, along with trial and error, to learn how to effectively advertise and increase sales. Improving sales can mean putting in more hours to satisfy customers and take care of their concerns. With diligence and creativity it can be done successfully.

Study the competition. Review websites of competitors to decide what aspects of their business they are demonstrating that are attractive and competitive to gain business. Get ideas from the services they offer and consider what can be done to improve or exceed standard services, such as driving out to a customer’s house to complete an accessory installation. Research standard pricing and make sure that accessories and installation prices are competitively, if not better, priced.

Create a professional and detailed website. Consider hiring a professional website designer. Advertise and promote all services offered and display pictures of work done and or promote a special service on the website. Display pictures of quality accessories previously installed and detailed customer testimonials. Include after-hours contact information for inquiries if competitors are not offering after-hours contact, or another creative "above the competition" offer.

Display the company vehicle. Accessories should be displayed on a vehicle that customers can see when visiting or driving by the place of business. Display the business name on the rear windshield or on the body of the car where it is visible. Drive this vehicle to and from jobs or while networking. Keep this vehicle looking good at all times since it will become the biggest and most noticeable advertising sign.

Apply attractive discounts. Offer a coupon on the business website. Let dealers know that a discount is available for their own mark-up to help them make money. Consumers want to save money, and applicable discounts serve this idea. Consider discounting referral customers or multiple orders, such as those from a large business or those who provide consistent clientele.

Always follow up with past and potential business. Create excellent customer service by following up with a customer after service installation. Get names and phone numbers of possible business who called in for pricing. Follow up with everyone. Create a mailing list of email addresses to send out future emails, keeping the business name fresh in customers' minds. Email cash offers for referrals from time to time, so that a customer remembers to recommend accessory services.


  • Join local business networking organizations to better advertise your accessory business. Consider sponsoring events to obtain business from event attendees.


  • Do not create your own website unless you have vast Internet and website design experience.